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CK PERFORMANCE is a “Baseball Performance” center dedicated to the complete training & development of our athletes. It is our goal to provide everything a player needs to achieve his potential

Genetics determine where you begin your development...
Hard work determines where you finish...


  • Strength, Mobility, Flexability, & Speed Training
  • Advanced Pitcher Development
  • Hitting
  • Physical Therapy & Rehab
  • Chiropractic & Active Release Technique
  • Brain Training (thought processing & visualization)
  • Mind-Body Connection (neuromuscular)

We believe there exists a serious disconnect in the way the baseball community at large educates, instructs, and trains today’s baseball athletes

At CKP we are NOT corporate, generic, or traditional in anything we do…Our approach to baseball training & development is extreme, intense, and is certainly not for everyone

However, if you aspire to be considered among the best...
We have a plan for you…Click here to LEARN MORE

  • Training Players from These Schools and Organizations

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